What products does Phoenix sell?

We do not sell any particular product. We are an independent investment advisory firm that provides investment advice. We assist you in developing and managing an investment portfolio. Based on your stated objectives, expected rate of return and risk tolerance, we provide objective advice and recommend products that fit within the parameters of the design.

What is an Investment Policy Statement?

We provide our investors with a plan, or map, that defines the parameters and sets the direction of the investment. The statement provides the time frame and it is an integral part of our portfolio design.

Do you offer retirement plans?

We offer 401(k), 403(b), IRAs and ROTH IRAs. We also provide retirement seminars for individuals and companies.

Do you provide insurance services?

Phoenix provides long-term health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.

Can you guarantee a specific rate of return?

We are unable to guarantee these rates.

Are your products commission-based?

No. We are paid primarily by the percentage of total assets under management.

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