Phoenix Portfolio Management Services focuses on three areas: educationand management consulting, investment advice, portfolio design andmanagement. Education and management are for those clients who prefer to manage their own portfolios, consisting of portfolio design and management. These services are tailored for those who lack the knowledge, skills and abilities to manage their portfolios or the knowledge to exercise their option to seek a professional manager. Here, we focus on five areas:goal definition, obtaining objective financial advice, maximizing return and minimizing risk, solving the commission conflict, choosing investment products and identifying information saturation and contradiction.  Investment advice is for those who request investment recommendations, securities analysis and buy and sel.  We are not a custodian of any clients’ fund.  Charles Schwab is the custodian. Phoenix Portfolio Management Service, Inc. does not require a pre-payment fee for investment advisory services.

The objectives of Phoenix’s services are to preserve capital and to obtain capital growth without regards to manner of income taxation on growth and income.Phoenix portfolio Management Services is duly authorized by the clients to continuously manage the investment and reinvestment of their accounts.  The management of the investment and reinvestment of clients’ accounts is driven by four model STAR portfolios based on varying risk tolerances with the primary objective being to maximize the rate of return on a risk-adjusted basis.Clients are matched to the model portfolio which most closely fits their stated risk tolerance. The four model portfolios are known as defensive, conservative, moderate and aggressive.  Management may, at its discretion, develop alternative portfolios and fee schedules in response to a specific client needs,

Phoenix Portfolio Management Service does not generally analyze individual securities; instead, we recommend mutual funds or our STAR service to clients.  Some of the various sources used may include CDA, Morningstar and Alexander Steele’s Mutual Fund Expert.


Investment Discretion

Through its STAR program, Phoenix Portfolio Management Services maintains discretion as to the mutual fund managers that will be used for managing various asset classes for client portfolios.  The discretionary authority in no way impairs the financial condition and responsibility of Phoenix Portfolio Management Service and is unlikely to impair the ability of the applicant to meet contractual commitments to clients.  It maintains discretionary authority to allocate, on a percentage basis, portfolios within the assets classes so identified by the service.  The STAR program is implemented through Charles Schwab, and Phoenix Portfolio Management Services receives no commissions from Schwab.

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