Founded in 1992 by Victor V. James Jr., Phoenix PortfolioManagement Services was created in response to a need for investors to receive clear explanations and personalized service in the investment and financial avenues. Our decision to launch Phoenix Portfolio Management Services was based on friends and acquaintances who expressed frustration with information overload as it relates to sorting through the numerous investment vehicles. We discovered that individual investors were searching for a firm they could trust to provide them with facts in basic, understandable and accessible terms and, as a result, provide them with sound guidance based on particular needs. They also wanted the option to manage their own investment portfolios. We provide them with theoretical and empirical analytical tools to manage their portfolios. We design portfolio models tailored to their goals, risk tolerance and expected rates of return. We provide objective advice, including the pros and cons, in regards to investment choices. We provide educational consulting and researching services. We are an independent investment advisory and consultant firm.


Our goal is to provide our clients with a framework for understanding their financial and management profiles, risk tolerances and rates of return. We provide them with a long-term effective diversified portfolio and the knowledge,skills and abilities to manage and research their portfolios.


We believe that life is a continuous process of renewal, driven by our abilities to dream. We believe that regardless of your financial situation, you can realize your dreams and achieve them within your desired time frame.

Our strategy is to question, listen, learn and research. We question clients’needs and priorities, and through our research, we provide answers and solutions that are designed to help them achieve their investment goals. We value current industry news and information, and we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients. We put our financial and investment experience and education to work, thus ensuring steady portfolio maintenance and success.


Victor V James, President and CFO is a Registered Investment Advisor and aInsurance Agent licensed by the State of California. He sat successfully for numerous financial examinations-Series 7, 63, 65 & 24. Dr. James holds three graduate degrees from the University of California-Berkeley: Ph. D. in Public Law and Jurisprudence and Political Science, MA in Public Administration-Budgeting & Public Finance and a MA in Political Science. He also holds a BA in Public Administration from San Jose State College. In addition, Dr. James held the following professional designations: General Securities Principal, /registered Representative, Insurance License (General Agency). He was a General Securities Principal with Royal alliance in New York and a Registered Representative with Baraban Securities in San Bruno, CA

Phoenix provides a faculty of experienced professionals, third-party perspective, technological savvy with various backgrounds and professional designations, from Ph. D.’s, Ch FC’s, CPA’s CLU’s, MBA, JD’s to Enrolled Agents, and the knowledge to help clients reach their investment goals. We provide you with a framework for understanding your financial profile, risk tolerance and rate of return. We also offer educational seminars to business and corporations, home coffee klatches, one on one meeting to assist the individual investor and corporate clients in making sound financial and management choices. Our strategy is geared to promote your investments and management into the 21st century.

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