Methodology and Process

Phoenix Portfolio Management Service focuses on six important investor concerns:

  • Obtaining objective financial advice
  • Maximizing return and minimizing risk
  • Solving the commission conflict
  • Reading the brokerage statement
  • Choosing investment products
  • Identifying information saturation and contradiction

The Phoenix STAR approach—Strategic Timetable for Asset Return—is based on Modern Portfolio Theory. We begin developing your portfolio design by creating your Investment Policy Statement. The Statement defines the parameters of your investment and projects its direction and time frame. Based on your stated objectives, risk tolerance and expected rate of return, we provide objective advice and recommend products that fit within the parameters of the design.

We help you understand the past performance of any assets that you may be considering. Then we compare the relationships of these assets to one another. Although future asset performance cannot be guaranteed, investors generally base investment decisions on past performance.

Prudent investment guidelines require that portfolio investments cover a substantial part of the risk/return spectrum. The allocation of these investments should allow the appropriate risk/return characteristics, reducing the risk of expected return and providing flexibility in the portfolio design.

The Phoenix philosophy depends on strong communication with the investor, and successful investment planning depends on matching expectations with sound investment policies and objectives. We help the investor realize financial goals.

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